Memory LANE

This collection is focused on old American cities that have lost their major industry lead. Everywhere can be seen dilapidated buildings and offices for rent. And yet, the ancient glory of these ghost streets and towers can still be felt at every corner. The choice of black and white was meant to take these photos out of a temporal context and reinforce the sense that time has frozen there.


Everyday, be serious, reasonable, dependable, stable. But we all sing under the shower. Don't we? The spotlight and the lens here focus together to capture the multifaceted personality of a teenager who can play any role she wants. Every now and then, we should all come under the spotlight.

Flying shoes


This was a product photography concept I wanted to try, with a mirror and a white background. I wanted to give the sense that these shoes were defying gravity, floating in whichever way they wanted.


In an attempt to recreate a film noir atmosphere, I teamed up with actress Carolann Utley for a photoshoot with lots of hats and masks. Profound looks, extravagant shapes and vivid colors merged with the use of harsh lights to offer strong shadows and contrast.

Old Mechanics

A trip in old times, exploring trains and cars from a different era.


Focusing a lens on a person for some time definitely pushes natural elements come out. It is a challenge to help the model navigate between shyness in one extreme, and forced emotions in another. But once you manage to bring them back to a natural spontaneity, inner beauty generally ensues. The dimmed lights and and secretive feel of the tattoo shop made for a perfect decor to infuse a mysterious ambience.


I feel like it's easy to be categorized as one thing. If you open a book about the Marines, you probably expect to see soldiers in uniform, with tattoos, rifles and serious faces. Maybe you don't. But once you meet a few veterans, the whole dichotomy appears clearer, and you realize they can't be categorized as one thing. This personal project explore the other side.


What if we could capture studio portraits of horses just like we would men? This is the idea I suggested to the stud farm that hired me to make their website; they were close to their horses and spoke about them as if they were people. They loved the idea. So I flew there and set up a makeshift studio to take portraits of over 30 horses. To the surprise of the client, the horses played along. They were definitely curious and sometimes even a bit worried, but none of them refused to have their picture taken :)



The things I see during my travels, I always wish I could capture them the way they hit me. To share them, and relive them. This is one of my biggest source of motivation to keep learning new techniques and try new equipment. It is a very good way to learn, since it obliges me to travel light and pack the essential, to focus on the composition, time of the day and location.


Sometimes, a selfie just isn't enough. Okay, most of the time. Okay, it never is. When inviting friends to step into the studio, you can see many things. I wanted to capture an element of their personality and make it almost tangible to the viewers.


I have lived in Atlanta for many years. This album is a collection of all the places I have reached and photographed. It represents the enormous variety the city has to offer, in term of architecture, culture and people.