I grow with every new project - accumulating  experience and setting the bar each time a bit higher. I believe this is the best way I can help you grow as well.



Legendary Cliffs Bird-view

Seabird was shot with a drone on the cliffs of Etretat, a city in Normandy, my homeland. It was meant to capture the overwhelming sense of amazement this timeless sight has on anyone who sees it for the first time, and times after. But instead of showing only what people get to see with their own eyes, I decided to share a unique aerial perspective, exclusive to local seabirds, and let you feel like one, just for an instant. 

This video was used by the city of Etretat and the region of Normandy to promote this natural wonder on their social media.



Handcrafted soap with Homemade beer

For this project, the client wanted to keep the "veteran-owned business" aspect of the brand rather discrete, in order to emphasize more on the very strong human factor behind the brand, and the deep connection with nature and natural elements. The keywords were authenticity, spontaneity, family and nature. Instead of aiming the project towards a product-centered commercial or a direct glorification of the brand, I opted for the capture of lifestyle elements constantly orbiting around the brand concept, and naturally influencing it. The film has been mostly made with close-up shots to convey the idea of intimacy with the founders.



American-made traditional Japanese tattoo

With this intimate story about his life and art, the client wanted to introduce a new service and support the legitimation of his higher rates. There were many elements he wanted to feature to show recognition to those who helped him become who he is today. The client didn't want this video to be for entertainment. Rather a deep dive in his universe. That's when the choice of the film duration was made, using a slow and steady rhythm, and an exhaustive depiction of the different steps of his life. The visual accent of the film was oriented on the vivid colors of the tattoos and the unique line style, to exhibit his skills and mastery, as well as the fascinating decor of the shop to invite discovery.



reclaimed wood furniture designed by an architect

The objective of the film was to express the sturdiness of his furniture along with the vibrant authenticity of the material. The film focuses on the client's skills at all levels, from designing to crafting, while insisting on his special relationship to wood. The client wanted this film to illustrate clearly the story carried by wood, from one form to another, and the unique vision he had for different woods, and different furniture. Therefore, I placed the accent on the relationship between past, present and future, through the shots as well as the script.


Thunderbolt piercing

A safe and stylized piercing studio

Another visit into Thunderbolt Tattoo Shop, this time introducing the piercing studio. The objective of this project was to answer most fears and apprehension concerning the universe of body piercing. The artist was adamant on putting all the attention of the film on the high precision of his work and the extremely hygienic methods he used. We wanted to create excitement about the original coloring process of jewelry he used, and make it look sexy. Filming spontaneous smiles and relaxed faces during the piercing process was important to convey the "close to pain free experience" aspect of his technique. 


A stroll in the park

Taking a walk in the park, differently

This entire video is filmed with a drone. The idea behind it was to take one of the most common weekend activity, and turn it into something new. Anything can become new when observed attentively under a different angle. A stroll in the park is supposed to be just that, a relaxed and short journey through a park, seen through angles that cannot been observed naturally.



A modern approach of homecare

For this project, the client wanted to stay away from a stereotypical marketing speech and insisted on emphasizing the modern and "startup-like" approach of the company. I suggested interviewing several members of the staff that embodied perfectly the spirit of the company, and picked from these interviews the lines that we would then use to shape the script. These same employees were then filmed in an extremely modern startup environment, repeating the chosen bits from the interviews.